Saturday, April 19, 2014

Time to plant 4

It is now time to get those brassicas out into the cool weather to harden them off and get them growing in the ground.

It is also time to get the squash started and direct sow all of those root vegetables, such as radishes, beets, and carrots.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

On a mission

I know I may be border line obsessed with this, but here it goes...

First off, I highly DO NOT recommend Springhill Farm in Newark, Ohio. They have stolen our money and we can't get ahold of them.

We signed a "Pay As They Grow" contract last year, so that we could make monthly payments on free range pork that we knew we liked. Well, the time has come and gone when we were supposed to be contacted for which cuts of 1/2 a Tamsworth hog we wanted. We were also supposed to be picking up our order this week or next, but we have tried for weeks through phone messages, emails, Facebook messaging system, and Twitter to get ahold of him. According to the BBB, 2 others in the past few months have had the same thing happen.

I contacted the Licking County Sheriff and was told what our next steps should be, but that was not enough for me, so I launched a call him every hour of the day and leave messages mission today. So far I have left 9 messages, and still no response. I will fill his message box until it tells me there is no more room, then, I will call the next day to make sure it is still full. If it is not full, then I will know someone is at least emptying the messages and I will have proof to go to step 2.

People need to understand that they don't mess with me or my family. I will get what is owed to us one way or another. With God and the Stark and Licking County sheriff on our side, we will prevail!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Life without a sewing machine

Right now I am in a pickle. I have many sewing projects, as well as 2 children who want to learn how to sew, and yet, all I have is my serger and my old White sewing machine that has a mind of it's own. My Singer XL 400 embroidery arm decided to stop right in the middle of a project, so I of course had to send the entire machine (even though the machine could still sew perfectly well) off for repairs. That was almost 4 weeks ago!

After 1 week, I went and dug my old machine out, not remembering what was really wrong with the thing in the first place. I plugged it in, did a few little projects and started Tabitha and Grady on a sewing machine curriculum that I found. Then it happened. The whole reason I about threw the thing out the window years ago. It starts doing zig zags when on the straight stitch, the bobbin threads get all messed up... We have learned to just take a deep breath, turn the machine off, and walk away. It's amazing, when we come back and turn it back on the next day, it works just as it is supposed to, until it decides we have sewn enough for the day.

Anyway, I have had to be very creative with my serger to be able to get most of my children's spring/summer wardrobe at least most of the way done. I used a rolled hem on Tabitha's swimsuit for the year. I have also used the blind hem to get a pillow cover completed.

I am really hoping my machine comes back in since I still have shorts for the boys, 1-2 dresses for Tabitha, and a special nursing dress I came up with for me.

Of course, I had just been ready to start teaching myself zippers. I even found an invisible zipper foot for $0.01 plus $4.95 shipping for my machine on Amazon.

I also found 2 other cool feet I had never heard of before, that I want to try sometime this year. The Daisy foot and the pleater foot look so cool and I've watched many videos on YouTube on how they work. I have many ideas. Ideas and I are dangerous.

Time to plant 3

This post will be short.

It is time to get your pea sprouts out to harden off and get them in the ground this week. In the next week or 2, there will be plenty more to do, so enjoy the last little lull in planting, or get the egg carton bottoms filled with soil in anticipation of the planting to come, if you are like me and cannot stand procrastination.