Monday, April 9, 2018

Guys deserve to know about Flexi Clips too! with GIVEAWAY

What is it that guys with long hair need most?  Why hair tools that are functional and stylish, of course!  

Lilla Rose hair accessories can fill this important need.  Now, I know what you are thinking.  Those hair accessories are just for girls and ladies, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are over 25 styles of Flexi Clips alone that are perfect for guys on my website,  

There are real leather, braided leather, and faux leather options as well.  Don’t know what a Flexi Clip is?  Well, the Flexi Clip is the best hair invention ever and the best kept secret that definitely belongs in your hair toolbox.

John Dorsey (yes, a man!) came up with the patented Flexi Clip, which is made of music wire and a metal pin.  The music wire controls the tension and the metal pin provides the support.  Flexi Clips come in seven different sizes, so it doesn’t matter if you have a small amount of hair or full length dreads.  

There’s a Flexi Clip that will fit your specific hair type.  Flexi Clips are very gentle on you hair.  They do not rip out or crease your hair and do not hurt your head or give you headaches like traditional elastic hair ties.  Flexis stay in place because of the tension created between the Clip and your hair.  My older boys are in that awkward growing out phase right now and use XXS and XS Flexis to keep their hair back, as you can see in this picture.

If you have shorter hair that you like to keep out of your face, but the Flexi Clip isn’t your style, we have hairbands in suede and braided leather to help.  Faux leather headbands are available as well.  Our hairbands have removable elastic bands that are adjustable, so they are not too loose or too tight.  
Are you more of a man bun guy or love samurai hairstyles?

Lilla Rose has you covered here too.  With Lilla Rose, you always have options.  You’ll love the Swerve and our real wood, plain hair sticks.  Our deluxe hair sticks offer additional styling options as well.

All Lilla Rose hair tools are simple to use, especially on those days you just don’t want to deal with styling your hair.  Run a brush through your hair (fingers will work too), whip your hair up in a manly Flexi or other hair tool, and you are good to go!
Don’t believe these will work for you?  Just try one, I dare you!  I have seen time and time again skeptics that come to see me and leave believers.  You will definitely see the difference, both in quality and in versatility.  If you decide that you really don’t like them, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.  Get the wrong size?  There is a 90 day exchange policy.  Manufacturing defect or problem?  Lilla Rose products have a one year warranty.  

These hair tools provide a real life solution to many hair care problems.  It’s easy to try our products.  All you need to do is go to my website,  Once there, watch the sizing video to help you select the correct size Flexi Clip.  While you are there, check out all of the unisex Flexi Clips, headbands, and hair sticks!  Placing your order is really easy.  Have any questions?  Feel free to contact me through my website.  Live outside the United States?  Don’t fear!  Lilla Rose ships worldwide.

As I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, seeing gorgeous, long hair on men, I see most are wearing a damaging hair elastic holding their hair half up, in a ponytail, or even around a bun.  It’s time to spread the word that Lilla Rose hair accessories are definitely a better way to protect your hair as well as give you awesome, manly hairstyles.

Now that you have made it to the end, I would like to give one GUY a Flexi Clip to try out and then give me a review about it.

Any guy with long hair or awkward phase hair is welcome to enter. Please share this with anyone that qualifies, so they can experience the awesomeness of a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip too.

You can find even more photos of guys with Lilla Rose hair accessories on my Facebook business page,
Lilla Rose - Beequa Butterfly, Independent Stylist

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Giveaway will end on Thursday, April 26 at noon.

***Article was written with the help of Jen Eberle. I thank her so much for her editing and writing skills!

Monday, April 2, 2018

I’m tired of the stereotypes!

There is one thing, since joining Lilla Rose, I have found to be extremely annoying. But let's face it. I too used to think that people selling products from home party companies people were way too pushy and was afraid to give my info or even purchase anything, because they would contact you endlessly to either buy more or join their team.

Let's go over a few things that I have learned.

MLM is known as Multi Level Marketing. Please do not confuse with DS, as the compensation arrangements are different. They are not a pyramid scheme! 

Think of it as buying into a franchise, but you get can work from where ever you want, be it online, craft shows, or through a network of friends. 
The top people have to still work hard or they don't make a dime.

Here are a few statistics I have found...
90% do not join to actually make money as a business, that is why they fail. The top 10% only make $100 a month to start. Only the top 2% of any MLM company make 6 figures and have also been with the company for more than 5 years. 

My highest upline just started making 6 figures last year and will be with the company 8 years this year. She has 7000 Stylists under her, yet only 220 or less have any sales in a month. Of those, only 50 or less, have any sales at all, including their own purchases.

So many of us are ousted at craft shows because we don't make the product itself.  We are constantly told our way is the easy way and that handmade products need to have the advantage at all events... What way is easy? It is true that we do not sit and make every single Flexi or hairband, but they ARE handmade for us and if we choose to go to events and have cash and carry items, we have to invest in our business just like anyone else.

Here is a list of brick and mortar building companies with the equivalent of an MLM company:

Paparazzi /  Claire's 
Perfectly Posh / Bath and Body Works 
Thirty One / Lands End, Eddie Bauer
Scentsy, Pink Zebra, etc. / Yankee Candle, White Barn, etc
Younique, Mary Kay, etc. / Este Lauder, Clinique, etc 
LuLaRoe / Gap, Christopher & Banks, Gymboree, etc
It Works, Plexus / GNC
ColorStreet / (there isn't a comparable company)
Jamberry (laquers) / OPI (purchased at Ulta or other beauty store)

Lilla Rose really doesn't have a competition since it is a 
patented product with a warranty! You can buy cheap hair accessories at any big box store, but they rip out your hair, damage your hair, give you headaches, and once it breaks, you are left with a piece of garbage.

All the above MLMs exceed industry standards, but since we are not in a brick and mortar building, we get dismissed like we are trying to rip people off. 

I got in this business because I believe in the products, which I can't find in quality, anywhere else. 

You can go to the mall and shop and big CEO's get the money or you can buy from a local mom who has goals for the money she makes. 

These are just a few of my thoughts. Sorry if it is all over the place, but I just needed to get this out, in the open, so that others can see that we are not the same.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Dental Health : link

A fellow Blogger contacted me about an article that she wrote and I think it has great information!

You can read her thought on Dental Health here

Friday, February 16, 2018

A new perspective

I know in the past, I wrote about how I never wear makeup or have my nails painted, as I am more into the all natural.

I wanted to give an update on the things I do differently now.

First off, makeup. I still do not wear a full face of makeup, as I still see that as lying to the world on what you really look like. Since I sell Lilla Rose at events now, I have started wearing a more natural looking eye shadow, mascara and lip stain. Yes, if you come to a show I am at 4-5 times a year, called Oddmall, I will be wearing purple eye shadow and purple lip stain, because that is what the show is about... standing out.

The more natural makeup that I have found is from various companies and with much trial and error.

My eye shadow and eye brushes are from Acti-Labs, which is a MLM from France. It has many natural products, but the palette from last summer was a great choice of colors that didn’t over power and stand out. Once I am done with this palette though, I will be switching to Karity brand, as then, I can choose the shades I want, with many colors to choose from. I also use the Black to do a very tiny eye liner on the top only. I’m not sure it can even be seen, but I know it is there.

For mascara, I love how my lashes look curled, but hate the clumps and fake look of most mascaras give. I asked around to friends and they recommended Clinique Naturally Glossy. I love that it comes in brown, which matches my hair, and the fact it looks like I am not wearing anything!

My lip stain is from LipSense. Yes, another MLM, actually the company is called Senegence. I love that I can put the stain on and it really does last 18 hours. My favorite color is called Caramel Apple, with it I use only the Glossy Gloss.

My nails, I have found that I have stopped biting my nails completely, if I keep a color on them. My favorite lacquers are from OPI and yes, another MLM Jamberry. But, in the past few weeks, I was introduced to yet another MLM, ColorStreet Nails. I am seriously loving these 100% nail polish strips. I like them so much, I have made 2 YouTube videos about them and I’m not even selling them! I have worn 3 sets so far and I have not had any scratches or chipping after wearing them for over a week. The longest I have worn a set is 1 week and 1 day, because I have wanted a change, but when I don’t have an event to go to and can keep them on for up to 2 weeks, I’d like to put them to the test. One huge test I will be putting the through, is the Oddmall event this weekend. Usually, I paint my nails and they do not last the weekend because of how I have to use my fingers to put Flexi Clips in and out of customer’s hair. I have high hopes...

I will be having a Nail Bar on Facebook, on March 5, if anyone is interested in helping me earn free sets.
You can check out the nail strips at

Anyway,  besides those products, I don’t use anything else.

If you would like to take a look at my YouTube channel to see my latest hair (or nail) videos, click HERE.

Of course, for awesome, durable hair accessories,