Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another new hobby!

Yes, I know I have been going hobby crazy this past year, but I am making up for lost time! I am now trying my hand at smocking. Get it hand? Boy, I crack myself up (and I'm really tired right now...).

I have always loved heirloom sewing, but it so expensive to buy completed outfits! Now that I know the basics of sewing and am getting a new sewing machine with embroidery feature (YEAH!!!), since my White Classic 312 has now gone kaput, I started researching things to embroider. The first thing that came up was heirloom sewing projects. I thought I was in heaven when I started researching all the beautiful designs and patterns. Then I came across how people get pleated material... you can do it yourself (imagine that...), but the machines cost upward of $200-$300. My dreams started crashing down, until I thought I would try to see if a pleater was being sold on Craigslist. To my surprise there was one AND she only wanted $20 for it. I thought it was going to be another let down, that some how it needed repaired or it was rusted. I contacted the seller, she told me it was in perfect order!! It was even the 24 row Sally Stanley one! I was in disbelief. Well, long story short, it took over 3 weeks for me to get it from her, but tonight we made the trek to Medina and picked it up. It works beautifully and it even came with extra needles and 13 spools of thread!

The Lord is very good to us. He has provided me with a smocking pleater for next to nothing and we have my new sewing/embroidery machine on layaway at JoAnn, which was on super sale for $1300 off the retail price (I'm only paying $700)!

I am so excited to try and make a few baby items for a couple friends and family that are expecting in the next couple of months. I have been finding excellent deals on eBay (as always) on Martha Pullen, Chery Williams, Ellen McCarn, and Primrose Lane patterns. I'm not yet ready to do hand smocking, but am going to use my new machine, when I finally get it home, to do all the decorative stitching. It really is amazing how many beautiful heirloom embroidery patterns you can download for free on the Internet. I think I have almost 600 designs, and I keep finding more every time I find a moment to look.

I am so happy I have saved so many pieces of scrap material also. I don't have to worry about wasting money on practice pieces, and believe me, since I am unable to sew right now, I will be taking the time I normally sew and put that energy into perfecting my pleater skills. Watch out world, as soon as I have everything I need, I will be smocking and heirloom sewing everything!

Here are a few patterns that I have. I think they are absolutely gorgeous!

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