Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let the comments on Facebook begin...

I figured that what I am going to get off of my chest will be the beginning of many major discussions on Facebook once I publish this, so I figured I would out right put it as the title. Please understand, this is Eric and my point of view. If we didn't have this point of view, I really don't see why we would have children. This post is rough to say the least, but I am tired of keeping my mouth shut and just nodding politely...

I truly can not understand why people want to have children, just to hand them off to someone else to raise them. God has given you this precious little person to keep in your care and it seems quite a few people don't really care what happens after they are born. Sure everyone loves their children, but I just don't see it. How can you love someone so much, yet hardly ever see them. Quite a few parents seem to hand off the baby earlier and earlier.

It seems all around me I keep hearing about someone having a baby, then as soon as the birth is over with, they need to have THEIR life back right away. They need to go "socialize" and get out with their friends. They can't wait to get back to work. They have to have a babysitter right away so they can be alone. Then they complain about having to get up with the baby at night. Don't people realize that babies aren't supposed to sleep more than 2-4 hours at a time for at least the first year? It helps prevent SIDS. Maybe people need to do their research BEFORE they get pregnant, so they know exactly what to expect life to be like after baby is here. And yes, life changes. Nothing will really be the same. Nothing will be spontaneous anymore. You cannot make a baby fit into a cetain life style, you must be the one who has flexiblilty and goes with the flow.

I also keep hearing people talk about how terribly their kids act. If you and your husband are not the only people raising your children, then I guess you can have others to blame for their attitude problems, etc... You can not expect children to keep the values you hold if you are not raising your children yourself. If they go to daycare, do you really think the workers have time to instill values (even if they are parallel to your own) into your child when they are chasing around 3 or 4 other kids of the same age, since every worker has more than 1 child to care for. It's most likely enough for them that your child is getting fed and going to the bathroom and has some kind of playtime. The older groups are trained to be "good" so that when they get into the system schools, they are compliant. Their days are filled with "things to learn". Most of the stuff they get the kids to "learn" in preschool is just fluff, to get the parents to ooohh and ahhh over.

I could write all night long, but I need to stop, so my blood pressure can somewhat normalize.

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