Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Garden

I thought I would update everything and give everyone a complete list of EVERYTHING I am growing this year, now that almost everything has been planted.

In the raised beds and containers...

New Zealand spinach

Dwarf Sugar snow pea

Super Sugar snap peas

Blue Lake green bean

Ace beet

Bulls Blood beet

Scarlet Nantes carrot

Cosmic Purple carrot

Tendersweet carrot

Lettuce mix

Red onion

Copra onion

Walla Walla onion

Anaheim Chili  pepper

Early Jalapeno

Fish hot pepper

Red Ruffled sweet pepper

Bronze fennel


Cherokee tomato

Black cherry tomato

Yellow Pear tomato

Red Pear tomato

American Flag leek

Ground cherry

Boston Pickling cucumber

Evesham Special brussels sprouts

Vates Blue Curled kale

Miniature Bell Pepper- Red

Orange Sun bell pepper

Jersey Giant asparagus

Victoria rhubarb

Red Chesnok garlic

Music garlic





Red Rubin basil


Moss Curled parsley


German chamomile

Chocolate mint


Bouquet dill

In the large garden...

Bi-color Delectable corn

Silver Queen corn


Cherokee tomato

Black Cherry tomato

Roma tomato

Sungold tomato

Sweet Italian basil

Red Rubin Basil


Red Giant celery

Green Pascal celery

DiCicco broccoli

Black zucchini

Black Diamond eggplant

Mystery plant (either pumpkin or watermelon…)

PHEW!! I am tired just typing all of this out. I am praying for a wonderful harvest this year.
The peas have already started, Grady and I eat them right off of the vines. The shallots and garlic should be ready to dig and dry soon also.
This is such a learning experience for my whole family. It just feels so good to be self sufficient during the summer and fall months.

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