Friday, November 30, 2012

Eric started it!

Ha! I'm sure that is something that his parents heard a lot when he was growing up. But really, I can't take all the credit of how our lives have been gradually changing in recent years. He is truly amazing to me. Even though I don't like to admit it, he has more common sense than anyone I've ever known.

When we started dating, Eric told me he couldn't understand why I felt the need to wear or even buy make-up. When we got married, once he found out how much make-up cost, he really put a hold on it, even though I already didn't wear it unless we were going someplace special, like a wedding, family get together, or funeral. Why do people feel the need to look like a clown everytime they step out of the house?

After the birth of our daughter, he saw exactly why breastfeeding is best, why we didn't vaccinate, why we don't go to doctors... Breastfeeding is free, vaccinated children are always sick, and doctors lie and pressure you into things you don't want (believe me, I've worked for doctors and I know what they do and say behind parents' backs).

After the birth of our son, the reason to never go to the hospital got even more clear. Birth is natural and does not require someone with a degree. The way we were treated during the birth of Tabitha vs. Grady was night and day. Also, the way we were treated during my first miscarriage was horrific, but if you keep up with my blog, you already know that.

He was never really into holidays and celebrations anyway, but after researching and realizing that most holidays were all about the money and hyped commercialism and Christmas was more about lying to your children and feeling guilt into buying things you can't really afford, we stopped them all together. All the specific days (Mother's Day, Father's Day...) are more out of guilt than anything, if you really think about it... Again, I've already blogged about holidays and high expectations.

We also stopped all birthday parties. We do buy a few gifts and have a cake with no candles, but that is it. Eric (and everyone else) couldn't stand being around me the few times we did have a party for the kids. I am a perfectionist, and therefore need everything to run smoothly or I freak out. I would run myself ragged to ensure everything was going smoothly. I inherently got that from my Mom.

So, all in all, to everyone that thinks that I am brainwashing my husband, maybe you didn't really know him in the first place...

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