Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pear sauce day

Today is pear sauce day. You've definitely heard of apple sauce, but pear sauce?

3 years ago, I started making and canning pear sauce, since you can not seem to find it anywhere in the stores besides in the baby food aisle, which would cost me a small fortune! My kids prefer pears to apples any day. Maybe someday I'll have to try making plum sauce too...

I bought a bushel of pears from a local orchard last Saturday ( they actually delivered it to the Canton Farmer's Market for me!). They have been on my kitchen counter ever since, and today, the majority are ripe, so here we are today.

I use these instructions from start to finish. I use Bartlett pears, FYI.

Pears are locally in season right now, so if you would like to try this, get to your nearest pear orchard ASAP.

I am praying, that in the next few years I will have pears in my own back yard and will never have to source pears again, same with peaches also.

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