Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Bible stuff

It is truly a blessing in finding the Facebook page Christians Against Pagan Holidays. I learn something new almost everyday. Yes, we do all still have our own opinions about certain things, but in the end, we all have the same belief systems running through our heads.

Recently the Apocrypha was brought up. I had run across it quite a few times in the past year or 2 and even felt compelled to buy the King James Version of it about a year ago, but yet, I never felt the need to read it, so there it sat until today on my dusty bookshelf. I made myself sit down and relax with my feet up and start at the beginning of the book. What I read astounded me, so I had to go to the internet to see if what I was reading was true. I went to Wikipedia and behold! There was my answer. Did you know that "All King James Bibles published before 1666 included the Apocrypha."?
I am really sad that people took upon themselves to mold and create a Bible they wanted, which is what we now call the "English Bible". I feel as if I've been lied to.

So now, if any of you would like to go on a new journey with me and start reading the Apocrypha and have discussions, I would love to hear from you. Even a comment would be greatly appreciated.

On another note. I did post a question to them, hoping that I was wrong, but alas... Birthdays are pagan. Upon more research candles on a cake originate from celebrating the moon goddess and Germans originally started the presents and decorations for birthdays. The only birthdays mentioned in the Bible ended horribly. Something to think about...

OK, one more thing. If any of you did get to read the blog I posted in my last blog, I would love to have comments on that also. The more I started researching and talking to my daughter about those verses found in that blog, and the more this is discussed on Facebook, the clearer things seem to become. Someone on Facebook also posted that the only thing Jesus told us to do to remember him was communion; not celebrate his death/ressurection, not celebrate his birth... Even today another person said that if Christmas was Christian, everyone would be against it...


  1. I love what I've read so far.

  2. Hey...I'm just going through your entire blogroll and agree with you on almost every point.But I have do have two questions : Do you attend a physical church( do you go to church ) and how did you meet your husband?

    1. No, I do not believe that we are called to go to a physical church. "Where 2 or more are gathered..."
      I met my husband online. This was in my rebellious teen years, but God blessed me and led me to the perfect man (IMO) ;).