Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting ready for our next homebirth

Well, here we are, in a month or so we should have a new baby in our household. If you ask me, I am ready right now! I am so miserable and tired that I am just ready for it all to be done, but I must be patient and deal with the little irritations for a little while longer. The baby seems to think 4am is exercise and playing time already, so at least I am trying to get into that schedule. I try my best to put my feet up during the day, but that doesn't always happen with 2 other children to homeschool and feed, as well as all the other household things that need done. Eric has become more attentive since he was on vacation last week. He is making sure dishes are done as much as possible, laundry at least started, food cooked so it can just be reheated, and letting me sleep as much as I need to when he is home. I am truly blessed to have him as a husband.

I am very much looking forward to the Lotus portion of the birth. I have never been able to actually see a placenta up close and touch it before. I know Eric is squeamish about this, but I feel this is what we are supposed to be doing, instead of what our current culture feels is medical waste.

My home birth kit and lotus herbs have been here at the house for at least a month already and the baby clothes are already in the drawer. The cloth diapers have been washed 2 times so far and will be washed another 1-2 times before the birth, so they have maximum absorbency. I have sewn the lotus birth bags and cotton wraps, snap down infant gowns (so the cord can be safely strung through the gown), multiple diaper covers, and almost finished hemming/serging the shirts I made out of onesies.

I am also looking forward to the water birth. We are going to be making the basement into a birthing suite, since there is a bathroom, couches, adjustable lighting, and refrigerator down there already. All that is needed to do is lay down the tarp, set up the tub, and fill the tub, but that won't happen until I start labor.

House cleaning has begun. I am trying to get it done slowly and thoroughly so I don't go overboard when the "nesting" hits.

Naming our children has never been easy. Eric and I rarely see eye to eye on any name until last minute. I had already chosen names and thought he liked them, then after further discussion, he didn't really like one and I really didn't like the other. So, we took an entire week to go over even more names. The hard part for Eric is my stipulation that the name can not be on the current top 200 list on baby name websites and Eric doesn't like all of my beautifully chosen Titanic era (long) names. We now have 2 names that we agree on. I really pray that those are the final decisions.

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