Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cutting out the grocery store...

Well, we are trying something new. I read a blog a couple weeks ago that said they never go to the grocery store. You may be wondering, just like I did, how in the world they could ever do that.

Let me tell you how we are going to do that. I would post the blog link, but I can't remember where in the world I read it, since I read quite a bit of others blogs daily.

First, we will be buying most of our dry bulk ingredients, as well as some other bulk items from BJ's and Sam's like we always do. While at BJ's we may pick up some organic produce too...

Second, we will be purchasing other bulk items, such as raw milk cheeses, yogurt, organic bulk name brand stuffs from a local co-op that we just joined.

Third, Vitacost has free shipping on any purchase over $49. They have a whole range of organic food for way less than I can buy it at my local health food store.

Fourth, we buy our eggs, beef, chicken, lamb, goat from local farms. We also have a herd share to get our fresh raw milk weekly.

Lastly, there is a local raw food movement that will deliver fresh produce to our door weekly. I will probably have to go to Raisin Rack some to get what ever produce we need, like grapes for the kids though.

Yes, it does take some coordinating and research, but I feel in the long run, we will not only be saving money, but eating healthier too! The big plus is that most of it comes to our home. (Can you tell I don't like going out with the children?)

If I plan it right, besides getting our milk from the farm weekly and possibly additional produce once a week, I should only have to go out once a month instead of trekking down the long isles of disgusting, GMO filled processed products in a regular grocery store. The way I see it, we get to have more time to spend with Eric instead of running around in a van everywhere and then having to keep the kids (and I mean Eric too...) under control.

Please also take into consideration that we do make many things from scratch, such as bread.

I hope this helps at least someone out there, like the other blog helped get my brain thinking.

I thought we were doing really well, until everything was put into perspective for me. There is always room for improvement!

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