Monday, August 12, 2013

BFM 11 & 12

Sorry again for the missed day. I'm getting bad at that during the weekend. When Eric is home, I want to get as much done around here as I possibly can, so that usually means I am not on the computer as much. I have so much stuff to do around here, with our yard project and Eric's computer crashing and trying to find files that I need, that I have started getting headaches from pushing myself so hard.

Fact # 11 Breastfeeding reduces the exposure to sugar.

The only sugar a baby should have or even needs, is lactose. This is the harmless sugar found in breast milk. Sucrose is the alternative and can cause damage to erupting teeth

Fact # 12 About a third of moms can’t sense 'let-down'.

A 'let down' is when your milk starts to flow.  It can also be called the milk ejection reflex. The average time it takes for let down to happen is 56 seconds (pretty cool huh?).

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