Sunday, August 18, 2013

BFM 18

Fact # 18
82% of mothers use a breast pump.

Going back to work is a necessity for most moms in the USA unfortunately. And for them, it is a valuable tool.

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It really is sad that the USA is so far behind on this most important issue. If we did have maternity leave, the breast feeding numbers would be higher and there would be less need of having to buy those expensive industrial machines for something that should be practically free.

There are many types of breast pumps. The brand that I hear most often is Medela.

When I was pregnant with Tabitha, we went to an open house at the hospital that we were going to have Tabitha at. I was told that I would most definitely have to have a breast pump. This infuriated me and I refuse to buy one, since I knew I would be staying at home. Unfortunately, I did have so much milk one night in the first week, that I broke down and had Eric buy a hand pump, and used it a couple times to relieve engorgement. I still have it and it has been used probably 15 times now. At this current moment, I have 4 tiny bags of milk in my freezer for my piece of mind, but in the end, like my older children, the milk will go bad and eventually have to be thrown out, but at least I did have that tool to help get through the first week of engorgement.

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